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Region: West Iceland
Coordinates: 64.8141° N 21.9983° W

Hitardalur is an old estate, synonymous with the valley further east, which was named after the ogress Hit. She lived in the cave Hundahellir (The Dog Cave) in the mountain behind the farm.

Sagas of Iceland This place is widely mentioned in old sources. One of the fatal fires of the Icelandic history consumed 70-80 people attending a fiesta on the 30. Of September 1148, among them the bishop of the southern sees.

The stone pillars near the farm are said to be the petrified giantess Hit and another giant, who were late in reaching the dark confines of Hit’s cave and caught by the daylight. There are more caves in the mountain, such as Songhellir, Fjarhellir, Paradis, and Viti. Many people have carved their initials into the so-called Nafnaklettur near the farm during the centuries.

From the farm the Lake Hitarvatn in the valley Hitardalur is accessible by 4wd vehicles, where there is a primitive accommodation. The valley floor is partially covered with lava fields and the signs of erosion are obvious. Quite a few abandoned farms are around the lake.

Hitardalur in Icelandic

West Iceland Saga Trail

Hitardalur monestary



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