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Hestur farm

Region: West Iceland
Coordinates: 64.5788394° N 21.7247429° W

Farm Hestur is located in the Andakill Area of the Borgarfjordur District.  It was a church site until 1765 and a parsonage until 1944.  One of the country’s most prominent personalities during the early 20th century, parliamentarian, prime minister, bank manager, editor, and one of the founders of the Progressive Party (later Farmers Party), Tryggvi Thorhallsson (1889-1935), resided there for a while.  Eirikur Albertsson (1887-1972) was the last residing reverend there.  He also assumed the office of the schoolmaster of the parish school at Hvitarbakki and later founded his own at Hestur (1923-26).  The farm is the property of The Agricultural Society of Iceland and is used as a research centre for sheep farming in connection with the Agricultural College and the University faculty at Hvanneyri.

Hestur in Icelandic

Nearby Hestur farm

Nearby Hestur farm

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