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Thyrill, Whale Bay

Region: West Iceland
Coordinates: 64.395002° N 21.6110242° W

About Thyrill

The name Thyrill applies to a mountain (388 m) and a farm on the northern shores of the Whale Bay. The name was probably derived from the frequent and strong gusts of wind sweeping down the slopes. Many rare specimens of zeolites (i.e. epistibite) are found in the screes and basaltic structure of the mountain.

Sagas of IcelandAccording to the Hardar Saga, Thorsteinn Gold Button lived at farm Thyrill. He slay Hordur and many of his companions, who had been tricked from the islet Geirsholmur, where they had lived for some time. His wife, Helga, who had not wanted to leave the islet with them, swam ashore with her two sons the next night and managed to get across the mountains to her sister in law at farm Indridastadir in Valley Skorradalur. Indridi, her sister in law’s husband, went with a group of men to avenge Hordur’s slaying.

Thyrill is on West Iceland Saga Trail

Thyrill in Icelandic

Photo Credit: Christian Bickel fingalo

Place of Interest Whale Bay:


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