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Laxa in Kjos – Bugda

Region: Reykjavik Area
Coordinates: 64.3030° N 21.3533° W

Together, these rivers, the main river Laxa and the smaller tributary Bugda, are among the leading Salmon rivers in the country. Fished with 8 daily rods, this river has been producing 1200 to 1400 salmon plus several hundred sea trout in the last two seasons. Before that there was a decline for some years although in 1988 an Icelandic record was set as the fishery produced 3.850 salmon.
Year 2022 came with 1017 salmon fished with 8 daily rods.

Although sea netting for salmon has been prohibited in Iceland, until recently, five farmsteads traditionally fished and two of them were near the mouth of the Laxa. The NASF along with a committee of river owners in Iceland managed to launch a buyout of these coastal nets. Effectively ending all sea netting in Iceland.

Laxa and bugda in Icelandic. 


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