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Sanda Village

Region: West Iceland
Coordinates: 64.3999° N 21.3209° W

About Sanda Village

The remainders of a base, built by the British and American occupation forces during World War II, and other constructions from later periods, mainly in connection with the operation of the Whale Station, are called the Sanda Village. Above the barracks and other houses are oil tanks, which were taken over by Icelandic companies after the war was over. To the west of the village are buried fuel tanks and a pier, which were used for submarine fuelling.

Sagas of IcelandAccording to the Hardar Saga, the people from the Botn Area and the Whale Bay Coast Area played some kind of a ball game on the flats to the east of the village, where six of the latter were killed.

The properties Mid- and Little Sand were confiscated for the base and the inhabitants were moved elsewhere. Among them was an old widow, who left very reluctantly. She cast the spell, that no-one would be able to live there longer than ten years. On the property of Little Sand is the Enchanted Slope, occupied by elves, which was never to be mown or touched by the humans. According to the book “Enchanted Earth” (Jord i alogum), this slope became quite a problem for the superpowers occupying the country. According to the same book, a ghost also played tricks on the soldiers stationed there (Hardar Saga).

The scientific whaling in Iceland was abandoned in 1989, which left the whaling station empty and also the barracks used by the workers. Nevertheless they have been maintained in the hope that the whaling would commence again. The authorities issued a permit for the hunting of 38 minke whales after the 1st of October 2003 on scientific grounds. Remains of bases built during World War II are few and far between in the country except in the Sanda Village. A few kilometres further west is a gas station and a restaurant at Ferstikla, where passers by can take a look at the pictures taken during World War II on the bay.

Sanda Village is on West Iceland Saga Trail

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