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Biskupsbrekka Slope

Region: West Iceland
Coordinates: 64.4967° N 21.005° W

About Biskupsbrekka

Sagas of IcelandThe green Bishop’s Slope in the western interior, near the Kaldidalur Route, is a place where a prominent Lutheran bishop died on August, 30th 1720. To commemorate this tragedy a crucifix was erected there in the early 20th century.

The bishop of the southern see, seated at Skalholt, Jon Vidalin, was on his way to attend a funeral of Rev. Thordur Jonsson, his brother in law, at the parsonage Stadarstadur on the Snaefell Peninsula. The bishop was suddenly taken ill and died almost immediately. This place was a place of rest enroute with a refuge hut, grazings for the horses and ample drinking water within reach.

Biskupsbrekka is on Sagatrail Kaldidalur Route

Biskupsbrekka in Icelandic

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