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Brunnar – Egilsafangi

Region: West Iceland
Coordinates: 64.5222222° N 20.7860829° W

About Brunnar

This topographic name literally means The Wells, which cover small, boggy and vegetated areas on two lakes in the western central highlands near the Kaldidalur Route. These were the last good grazings for the horses of the travellers coming from the south before the desolate Kaldidalur Desert starts.

Sagas of IcelandAnother small, vegetated spot, called Egilsafangi is a bit further north. It was named after a farmer, who travelled from the north every summer, regularly as clockwork. Every time he rested there, an ogress came and stole a horse from him. He was a stubborn man continued resting there. After 19 years the ogress stopped stealing his horses and did not show up again.

Brunnar – Egilsafangi is on Sagatrail Kaldidalur Route

Brunnar Egilsafangi in Icelandic

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