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Hvanneyri Church

Region: West Iceland
Coordinates: 64.5688394° N 21.7547429° W

This church belongs to the Hvanneyri benefice in the Borgarfiord deanery. During Catholic times the churches were dedicated to the Holy Virgin, the apostle Peter, the archbishop Thomas and bishop Marteinn. The present church was built and consecrated in 1905 and is the property of the Agricultural University and College.

Sagas of IcelandThe previous church stood a short distance further west than the present one. It was lifted of its foundations in a storm in 1903 and most of it landed on the spot where the new one was built. The parishioners refused to finance it and left the construction to the authorities. It was decorated and painted on the inside by the artist Greta Bjornsson. Brynjolfur Thordarson painted the altarpiece showing Christ in the local landscape in 1923.

Hvanneyri Church is on West Iceland Saga Trail


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Nearby Hvanneyri Church

Nearby Hvanneyri Church

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