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Guesthouse Gallery Akranes

Region: West Iceland
Coordinates: 64.37° N 22.03° W

Gallery Guesthouse conveniently located in the small coastal town Akranes and only a 30 minutes’ drive from Reykjavik. The original name of the house is Kirkjuhvoll and the name Gallery Guesthouse is in the spirit of honoring the deep cultural roots of the house and we encourage our guests to look at the art display all around.

Akranes is a family friendly town and provides a truly authentic experience for those who prefer the leisurely life of Icelandic coastal towns. Akranes lies on a peninsula on Faxaflói bay. Enjoy the beautiful view over the bay to the capital city Reykjavik. Gallery Guesthouse is situated in a walking distance from restaurants, cafe’s, swimming pools, a movie theater and other attractions.

Nearby Guesthouse Gallery Akranes

Nearby Guesthouse Gallery Akranes

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