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Puffin Island Lundey

Region: Reykjavik Area
Coordinates: 64.1869971° N 21.8338926° W

Puffin Island

Island Lundey, The Puffin Islands, is a small island a few kilometres to the north of Island Videy on the Kolla Bay. It is about 400 m long and 150 m wide, and its highest point lies about 14 m above mean sea level. There are no indications of inhabitancy on the island, but its advantages were almost certainly reaped in the past.

The Atlantic puffin comes to Iceland for nesting in April-July

The Atlantic puffin is a migrating seabird that spends winters in the open ocean in the North Atlantic and moves to shallower waters in early spring when the breeding season starts. It sets in bird cliffs and islands for nesting, usually in late March or the beginning of April. When the pufflings are ready in late July or early August, they start moving out to sea again.
About 60% of the world population of Atlantic puffins nest in Iceland, and it is the country’s most common bird.

It teams with puffins, black guillemots, fulmars, arctic terns and other species, and sightseeing tours from Reykjavik Harbour include bird watching there.
Puffin island Lundey tours from Reykjavik Harbour is available from mid May until 15th of August. 

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Photo Credit: CGP Grey

Nearby Puffin Island Lundey

Nearby Puffin Island Lundey

Nearby Puffin Island Lundey

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