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Orfirisey Grandagardur

Region: Reykjavik Area
Coordinates: 64.1265° N 21.8174° W

Orfirisey – Effersey was the second largest island in Kollafjordur, approx. 5 hectares in area. There are sources about it from 1389, when Vikurkirkja owned arable land and seal slaughter. It became royal property when the property of the monastery on Videy was confiscated.

There were four farms on the island according to the census from 1703, the main farm northeast. At that time, 32 people lived in Orfirisey. The number of farms increased a few years later and in the Basenda flood in 1799 the sea went over the whole island and destroyed settlements for a while. In 1861, settlement there ceased altogether.

Trade was practiced on the island, and it was then called Holmur or Holmskaupstadur. It was moved from there to Reykjavík 1779-80. While in Orfirisey, it was one of the largest trading places in the country for a time. Seltjarnarnes, Kjosarsysla and the entire Borgarfjardarherad south of Hvitar were under him during the monopoly period (1602-1787). In 1786, when Reykjavík became a market town, the island was handed over to it. This gift was taken back, so the town council had to buy it, when plans were made for harbour construction.

The island fell under the jurisdiction of Reykjavík in 1835. After the settlement settled there, it was used for gutting and horse-riding. When the smelter started there, the vulture often spread across the town and there was talk of money. In the beginning, a rock garden was built on the oath to the island, and it was called the grove. After a new and larger park was laid out on the island in 1913 and the following years, the island became a popular outdoor recreation area.

A swimming pool was built there in 1925, because sea baths became fashionable. The British built considerable structures there after the occupation, so that relics that may have been there were destroyed. In the second half of the 20th century, many houses were built there, mainly related to fish processing and fishing, and landfill work was constantly being done. The northernmost part of the island, where the oil tanks are now (2006), is called Reykjanes.

According to word of mouth, Ingolfur’s great pillars drifted ashore at Reykjanes, now the tip of Orfirisey. There he must have lit them and instructed the gods to let the smoke point to his dwelling.

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Orfirisey Grandagardur is also part of Hard Rock Coastline Saebraut

Orfirisey – Effersey in Icelandic

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