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Mts Blafjoll

Region: Reykjavik Area
Coordinates: 63.9746052° N 21.6394615° W

The Blue Mountain range stretches to the west from Mt Vifilsfell near the main road (#1) from the capital area to the Southwestern lowlands. A side road passes through The Blue Mountain Area, which was declared a nature reserve in 1973.

Its area is divided between the municipalities Keflavik, Hafnarfiordur, Kopavogur, Selvogur, Seltjarnarnes, and Reykjavik. This area is excellent for recreation, all kinds of outdoor activities and since 1968 it has been the country’s largest skiing area. Nature lovers are certain to find something to their liking, but they have to be careful crossing the rugged lava fields, because of the numerous caves underneath.

Blafjoll skiing

This is an excellent skiing area for alpine and cross country skiing. Motorized vehicles, skidoos and such, are not permitted.Photo Credit: Visit Reykjavik

Nearby Mts Blafjoll

Nearby Mts Blafjoll