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Region: Reykjanes
Coordinates: 63.8467° N 21.9000° W

Lake Hlidarvatn in the Southwest, has an area of about 4 km². Its discharge is called Vogsos and greatest depth 5 m. There is quite a lot of fish in the lake, mostly small lake char and sea trout, but some brown trout as well. It is forbidden to use worms as a bait and fly fishing has been the most successful way.

There is a fishing lodge by the lake. The view from the lake includes the westernmost part of the flat and harbourless south coast and one of the country’s most remarkable churches, Strandarkirkja. The distance from the capital is about 60 km via the road past Krysuvik and 15 km longer via Threngsli.

Hlidarvatn in Icelandic

Permits: Stangaveiðifélag Hafnarfjarðar (The Angling Club of Hafnarfjörður). Tel: (+354)