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Ogmundarhraun Lava Field

Region: Reykjanes
Coordinates: 63.83331° N 22.2967° W

About Ogmundarhraun

The lava field Ogmundarhraun is situated between Krysuvik and the abandoned farm Isolfsskali on the southern side of the Reykjanes Peninsula. It is the product of a crater row east of the Nupshlidarhals from where it ran between Mt Latsfjall and Mt Maelifell all the way to the sea. It overran at least one farm and other constructions in the early 11th century at the same time as the Chapel lava field around the aluminium smelter near the town Hafnarfjordur.

Sagas of IcelandTwo farms in the area disappeared only partly and are still very conspicuous in the landscape. At the end of the western branch of the lava, down by the sea, are still quite a few ruins of fishermen’s’ huts and fish sheds, where the sign says Selatangar. The lava field was difficult to traverse in the past, but nowadays the much-frequented road between Krysuvik and the town Grindavik makes it easier although it might not be among the best of the country.

Ogmundarhraun in Icelandic

Photo Credit: Visit Reykjanes

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