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Vatnsleysa Farms

Region: Reykjanes
Coordinates: 63.9667° N 22.3667° W

About Vatnsleysa

Farms Smaller and Big Vatnsleysa were formerly manors and big fishing outfits in the County of the Vatnsleysa County. They stood on the western shores of the Vatnsleysa Cove, between spit Keilisnes to the west and spit Hraunsnes to the east. Farm Smaller Vatnsleysa is among the biggest pig farm of the country (producing the Ali-products). Among the benefits of those two farms were the rich lumpfish grounds, driftwood and thermal activity. Vatnsleysa was a church site during catholic times, where the churches were dedicated to all the saints and it possessed a big part of the farm’s property. The churches at Vatnsleysa were served from the parsonage Kalfatjorn for a long time.

The Vatnsleysa Coastal Strip is a scattered community along the coastline between Lava Field Hvassahraun and Cliff Vogastapi. It is about 15 km long and beyond it is the Strandar Heath covered with lava fields, which ran all the way to the sea 9000 years ago. Most of the houses of the community are near the best landings for boats in the past.

Vatnsleysa in Icelandic

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