Hiking Mt.Keilir

Region: Reykjanes
Coordinates: 63.8894906° N 22.1835142° W
Hiking time: 2-3 hours
Difficulty: moderate
Length: Various km
Elevation: 250m. m
Highest Point: 379m. m

The usual route is to walk to the mountain from the north of Oddafell, but it is also possible to walk from Raudhol, just over the middle between Reykjanesbraut and Oddafell. Keilir is a unique mountain in the west of the Reykjanes Peninsula. The mountain, which is stretched, is seen widely, e.g. from the shores of the capital area, the coast and rosemary valleys.

This formidable mountain emerged from an eruption under a glacier during the ice age. Initially, Keilir has been a part of the mooring ridges that have been destroyed over the years, due to the weather, and hid the new lava so that the mountain remains.
Walking distance to the mountain is about 2-3 hours if you leave the north of Oddafell or from Raudhol north-west. The increase is about 250 meters.

How to get there?

To get to Keili, drive east of Reykjanesbraut to the west of Kuagerdi, where you can take of the road towards Vatnsleysustrandarvegur. The road then leads to to Hoskuldarvellir, from where the Hike is usually started north of Oddafell.
It is good to walk on the mountain, although there are steep slopes, but be sure to keep it safe. However, there is a clear footpath between Oddafell and the peak. When going up, Hrafnafell is on the right and goes out from Keili to the north. A guestbook awaits at the top of the mountain for travelers to sign their visit to the peak.

Mt.Keilir in Icelandic

Photocredit:  Wikimedia Commons.


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Nearby Hiking Mt.Keilir

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