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Region: Reykjanes
Coordinates: 63.993744° N 22.058062° W

This old estate was abandoned just after the middle of the 20th century and now belongs to the municipality of Hafnarfiord. At the end, the farmer concentrated on horticulture and breeding chickens and foxes. The farm was situated further west in the past and was a part of a whole parish. The remaining church was built in 1857, restored and recons crated in 1964, and handed over to The National Museum.

A borehole was sunk in the high temperature area and the steam was to be harnessed for the town Hafnarfiord. Nothing came of that and the hole was blowing and gradually collapsing for decades. This high temperature area is highly interesting and worth visiting.  Visitors must be careful in the area.  The borehole blew up in 1999 without any pre-warning and the surrounding slopes were coloured grey with the mud.  Among other interesting natural phenomena in the area are the explosion crater Graenavatn and the sinter cone Eldborg.  In 1967, a boarding school for children of low-income families and difficult social standing was built near the farm. Financial difficulties ended this undertaking and nothing was done for a long time. A pig farmer took the liberty to use the house for his breeding purposes and left the house in a poor state. After restoration and the finishing of the building, it became a rehabilitation centre for drug addicts. South of the farm Krysuvik is the bird cliff Krisuvikurbjarg, where kittiwakes, Guillemots, razorbills and other birds nest. An unclear track lies all the way to the edge. The lighthouse was built in 1965.

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