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Hard Rock Park Saebraut

Region: Reykjavik Area
Coordinates: 64.1265° N 21.8174° W

Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland and the only city as such in the country. Roughly 125 thousand people live in Reykjavik
Hard Rock Park Saebraut Reykjavik is also near Harpa Consert Hall and main attraction is The Sun Voyager. Solfarid represent a viking ship?

The view is on fine day is fantastic, 6 mountains to see, Snaefellsnes peninsula- Mt.Akrafjall, -Mt.Skardheidi, Mt.Esja and Mt.Skalafell

Hard Rock Park Saebraut:  Start From Harpa Concert Hall To Grotta in Seltarnarnes to the West and to Laugarnes near Videy the East. total of Km. 9 long and only about 4 meters wide, it make Hard Rock Park Saebraut narrowest Park in The world.

Please note: Small detour from Hard Rock Park west of Harpa Concert Hall – Hotel Edition Reykjavik Harbour  via Restaurant near Reykjavik harbour. and Sippurinn at Reykjavik harbour, then to Grandagardur (Orfisey) to See (Saga MuseumFly over IcelandWales of Iceland Maritime Museum).

And then continue to Grotta island. to see the Arctic Terns (May through August) are coming to Ieland from Antarctica, around 25,000 miles.

In Capital area is also a fine hiking trails around Reykjavik area

Hikers only leave their footprints and only take memories back home!

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Nearby Hard Rock Park Saebraut

Nearby Hard Rock Park Saebraut

Nearby Hard Rock Park Saebraut

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