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Heidmork Recreational Area

Region: Reykjavik Area
Coordinates: 64.0676199° N 21.7640384° W

Heidmork was proclaimed a municipal conservation area in 1950 and derives its name from its namesake in Norway. Its gravel road network is about 18 miles long. The Municipal Forestry Service has managed the area from the beginning and the Raudholar nature reserve has been within its limits since 1950, but under a different management.

Many volunteers and the Municipal Working School have lent a hand in the forestry work. More than 4 million trees have been planted there during the period from 1950 and the already existing vegetation has thrived much better after the area was fenced off. The most prominent of the 26 species of trees planted there, is the Sitka spruce, and at least 150 wild flower species have been counted. More than 30 species of breeding birds have been spotted.

The Blue Mountain- and Reykjanes Country Parks adjoin the municipal conservation area and together they grant access a large and a very interesting and varied recreational area.

Hiking around Reykjavik area

Main Photo Credit: Roman Z

Nearby Heidmork Recreational Area

Nearby Heidmork Recreational Area

Nearby Heidmork Recreational Area