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Ellidavatn Hike

Region: Reykjavik Area
Coordinates: 64.0873° N 21.7776° W
Hiking time: Various
Difficulty: easy
Length: Various km
Elevation: <100 m
Highest Point: <200 m

Lake Ellidavatn is among the many lakes within the capital area. Its surface lies about 74 m above sea level and it has an area of 1,8 km². Two rivers enter it, Bugda and Holmsa, and offer a nice catch of lake trout and char of 1-2 pounds. A few 3-7 pounds brown trout are caught every season and some salmons as well. Experienced fly anglers can expect good results. Spinners are not recommended in certain parts of the lake and in some parts sinkers are used to keep the bait lying on the bottom. Its discharge is the 3 miles long.

The Ellida river, frequently among the ten best salmon rivers of the country. On a spit of land entering the lake, which was partially drowned, when the dam was built in 1924 – 1925, some ruins most likely confirm the existence of one of the first district parliaments of the country. It was the predecessor of the common parliament for the whole country, established in the year 930 at Þingvellir. The beautiful surroundings of the lake offer quiet hiking – and bridle paths in spite of the nearness of the town traffic.

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