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Strandar church

Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 63.8357725° N 21.7046607° W

This church belongs to the Thorlakshofn benefice in the Arnes deanery. It is the parish church of Selvogur, served by the reverend at Thorlakshofn. It is remotely situated, as there are no other houses standing at Strond. During the centuries, people have pledged to the church in cases of illnesses and difficulties, and the church has grown quite rich.
Sagas of Iceland According to a legend, the cove on which the church stands is called The Angel’s Cove. Some fishermen in danger at sea made the pledge to build a church where they would find land suddenly saw a bright light on the coast, which guided them to safety. When the landed, they saw a bright figure standing there. They lived up to their pledge and built the church. The sculpture „Landfall” was unveiled near the church during Whit sun in 1950.

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Strandir Church is on the saga trail 

Strandar church in Icelandic

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