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Selatangar – Mt. Festarfjall

Region: Reykjanes
Coordinates: 63.8379949° N 22.5209429° W

About Selatangar – Festarfjall

Wherever the coastal landscape of the southwest peninsula, Reykjanes, permitted, there were fishing outfits in the past. The fishermen lived in simple, damp and cold huts made of lava stones during the season.

Sagas of IcelandOne of theses places is situated midway between Krysuvik and Grindavik on the southern shoreline of the peninsula. Still nowadays, the ruins of these huts are very noticeable and it is well worth driving down there to see, how the fishermen lived. This fishing outfit was used until 1880.

Mt. Festarfjall always attracts the attention of the passers by following from the east or west on the southern shoreline of the Reykjanes Peninsula. Its precipitous seaside displays a very prominent basaltic dyke called Festi, or necklace in English. This is a very common hyaloclastite mountain as they appear within the volcanic zones of the country, but its population of seabirds, kittiwakes, razorbills and fulmar along with shags on the cliff skerries attract the attention of the passers by.

Selatangar Festfjall in Icelandic

Photo Credit: Visit Reykjanes

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