Reykjavegur Hike

Region: Reykjanes
Coordinates: 63.8152102° N 22.7126039° W
Hiking time: Various
Difficulty: moderate
Length: Various km
Elevation: Various m
Highest Point: Various m

The Reykjavegur hiking trail is divided into a few easy stages and at the end of this suggested program, it is easy to add more stages. This program starts at the lighthouse on Reykjanes and ends at the geothermal power station Nesjavellir. Each stage can be covered in one day and the hikers can be picked up at the end or they can pitch their tents or enjoy the services where they are available:

  1. The Reykjanes lighthouse – The Blue Lagoon 19 km.
  2. The Blue Lagoon – The Leirdalur Valley (Fagradalsfjall) 13 km.
  3. The Leirdalur Valley (Fagradalsfjall) – Lake Djupavatn 14 km.
  4. Lake Djupavatn – Summer Camp Kaldarsel 18 km.
  5. Kaldarsel – The Blue Mountains (ski resort) 16 km.
  6. The Blue Mountains – The Hamragil Gorge 20 km.
  7. Hamragil – Nesjavellir (power station) 14 km.

The trails are mostly marked with blue sticks and en route are signs showing detours to places of interest or the nearest farm or village. The terrain en route is mainly tufted meadows, mossy lava fields, barren sands, and hillocks. This is probably the longest, marked hiking trail of the country and at the end of each stage, drinking water and toilets are available, but it is recommended always to carry sufficient supplies of water for each leg.

A booklet with maps and more detailed information on this trail is available in many shops and petrol stations. This route requires good hiking gear, watertight wear, and good shoes. Every hiker and nature lover follows the instructions of The Nature Preservation Counsel.

Reykjavegur in Icelandic

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Creative Commons.

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