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Nautavatn – Breidavatn, Arnarvatnsheidi area

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 64.8096417° N 20.8726515° W

These two lakes belong to the moorland called Tvidaegra. They are very much alike. Lake Nautavatn has an area of 0,8 km² and is located at 463 m above sea level. Lake Breidavatn has an area of 1,4 km² and is located at 419 m above sea level. Both lakes are shallow, 1-2 m deep, and very little water enters them on the surface.
Their discharge, Breidavatnskvisl, runs through a few small lakes to the renowned salmon river Kjarra. The walking distance to the lakes is considerable. Both lakes contain lake char and brown trout. On the lakes there is a refuge hut and the number of fishing rods is not limited.

Nautavatn – Breidavatn in Icelandic

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