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Brokey Island

Region: West Iceland
Coordinates: 65.0800078° N 22.4639903° W

About Brokey

This is the largest of the islands of the Breidafiord Bay and offered great advantages.

Sagas of IcelandOne of the inhabitants, Jon Petursson (1584-1667), the falcon hunter, travelled extensively as a young man and spoke German, Danish and English, which was very uncommon among the farming population.  He was the pioneer in nursing the eider ducks and exploiting their down for export.  He was a prolific man, had 30 children, the last of whom was born when he was in his eighties.

Another inhabitant, Hans Becker, a Dane, was made the Lawman of the North and the West.  Among the literature he left behind was an essay on the restoration of Iceland.  Remainders of an ingenious corn mill, built by farmer Vigfus Hjaltalin, are still obvious.

Brokey is on saga trail west iceland

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