Breidafjordur Islands, The Thousand islands bay

Region: West Iceland
Coordinates: 65.2214863° N 22.9210523° W

About The Breidafjordur Islands

The Thousand islands bay:
This bay is the second largest one of the country. Its mouth is about 70 kilometres wide. Further inland it grows shallower and there the number of islands is considered innumerable. The islands have been counted and close to 2700 of them are somewhat vegetated, but this number does not do their total number justice. Many of those islands were occupied in the past and people living there never suffered such hardships and famine, which sometimes plagued people in most other parts of the country. There was ample fish in the ocean, seals, birds and eggs to be found on the islands and on many of them sufficient grazings for domestic animals. The tidal currents between the islands presented grave danger in the past.

Houses are still standing on many of the abandoned islands, most of which are maintained and still used during the summer. The bay and its islands are tightly connected with the Sagas and many of the cultural roots of the country lie there.
Flatey island is the largest of the Western Islands on the Breiðafjordur bay

Bildsey Island – Bjarnareyjar Islands – Brokey Island – Ellidaey Island – Fagurey Island

Flatey Island – Gjardeyjar Islands – Gvendareyjar Islands – Hergilsey Island – Hoskuldsey Island

Hrappsey Island – Hvallatur Island – Hvitabjarnarey Island – Klakkseyjar Islands – Melrakkaey Island

Oddbjarnarsker Island – Olafseyjar Islands – Oxney Island – Purkey Island – Rifgirdingar Islands

Saudeyjar Islands – Skaleyjar Islands – Stagley Island – Svefneyjar Islands – Svidnur Island

Thorisholmi Island – Vadstakkaey Island

Islands of Breidafjordur is part of West Iceland and Westfjords

Breidafjordur is on saga trail west Iceland

Breidafjordur Islands in Icelandic

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