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Hotel Flatey

Region: West Iceland
Coordinates: 65.3739° N 22.9192° W

Hotel Flatey is situated in the centre of the old village on Flatey, in the very heart of Breidafjordur. The houses in the old centre are timber structures dating from the island’s former times of prosperity, and most of them have been restored in their original style.

Hotel Flatey now offers 7 double/twin rooms, 2 family rooms (4 persons), 3 suites and 2 single rooms. In total 14 rooms with 28 beds. All rooms are with shared facilities. Breakfast is included in the price.

The hotel’s dining room and guest rooms are in converted warehouses flanking the old market square. Guests can savour the unique ambience of the island in cosy and welcoming accommodation and enjoy choice food with a view over the village, the coastline and the nesting grounds of the arctic terns in Skansmyri.

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