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Region: Westfjords
Coordinates: 65.5618° N 22.6124° W

This is an excellent, three rod sea char river, which spills into the Skalmarfiord Bay in the southern Westfiords region. The lodge is an old abandoned farmhouse and the catch reaches 700 chars during a period of six weeks. The river is leased to a group of anglers from the last days of July and all of August.

The remaining days of the season are used by the owners of the river themselves. An old route lies up the valley across the mountains to the bay Isafiord. The valley was said to be so well vegetated that sheep which had been starved half to death during winter recovered remarkably quickly after having been released to the grazings in spring. On two spits of land entering the bay Skalmarfiord there were two German trading posts in the past.

Skalmadalsa in Icelandic



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