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Farm Breidabolstadur

Region: West Iceland
Coordinates: 65° N 22.4166667° W

Farm Breidabolstadur is a church site, a former parsonage, and the residence of wealthy farmers in County Skogarstrond.

Sagas of IcelandThe first settler of the area was Steinn Vigbjodsson the Voyager according to the Book of Settlements. The first church was built in 1563 and annexed to the Narfeyri church. The Breidabolstadur parish was abolished in 1970 and united with the Stykkisholmur parish. The present church was consecrated 1973.

Prior to the exile of Eric the Red, Thorgestur the Old Steinsson resided at Breidabolstadur. He borrowed some carved benches from Eric, but refused to return them. Eric went to visit him with a few men and collected the benches. This aggreviated Thorgestur, and he mobilized a few men to follow Eric and his team. He confronted Eric at farm Drangar and during the battle he suffered defeat and the loss of his two sons (Eric Saga the Red; The Greenlander’s Saga; and others).

Breidabolstadur is on West Iceland Saga Trail

Breidabolstadur in Icelandic

Photo Credit: Christian Bickel fingalo

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