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Iceland is most famous for its medieval sagas, written between the 12th and 14th centuries. Sagas are tales of Norwegian kings and real or legendary heroes, both men and women, of Iceland and Scandinavia. Composed in prose, generally by unknown authors, they are thought to have been widely recited by storytellers before being committed to writing. None of the original manuscripts is extant; transcripts and collections, sometimes with revisions and amplifications of the originals, date from the 13th century and after.

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Snorri Sturluson was Iceland’s greatest Saga writer as well as being an author and a great scholar. His most renowned works are Snorra-Edda and Heimskringla (The Orb of The World; Orbis Terrarum)
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Battles, Tumult, Disputes, Aggression, Murders and Executions.

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