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Hruni Church

Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 64.142227° N 20.259397° W

This church belongs to the Hruni benefice in the Arnes deanery. It was built of wood, covered with corrugated iron sheets in 1865. Catholic churches in Hruni were dedicated to the Holy Virgin, archbishop Thomas, Thorlakur the Holy and St. Catherine.

Sagas of IcelandAccording to the legends, the earlier churches stood on top of a rocky mound near the farm, where the so-called Hruni-giant’s profile can be seen in the cliffs. Once a Reverend, who served there for a time, started holding parties in the church on Christmas Eve. The congregation drank and danced, played cards and behaved indecently the whole night every time. Eventually the devil himself could not stand the temptation and appeared at the dance. He frowned terribly and pulled the church with all the people down to hell.

Hruni Church is on Saga trail for South Iceland.

Hruni Church in Icelandic

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Nearby Hruni Church

Nearby Hruni Church

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