Alfaskeid Camping

Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 64.0863011° N 20.4259344° W

The camp site at Alfaskeid is located in a beautiful valley some 10 kilometers from the town Fludir in the south of Iceland. This camp site has hosted regional festivals from the start of the 20th century for almost 60 years. During that period a lot of trees were planted so the camp site offers a nice forest, by Icelandic standards. This camp site has been very popular by travelers for the past years. There is a horse rental at the farm Syðra Langholt which is about 1 km from the campsite. Álfaskeið is a family friendly campsite. However, hot water and electricity are not available at the campsite.

Opening period:

1. June–1. September

Service on Site:

  • Cold water
  • Toilets
  • Walking paths
  • Horse rental

Contact Information:

Syðra Langholti
845 Flúðum

Telephone: +354

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Alfaskeid Camping in Icelandic

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Nearby Alfaskeid Camping

Nearby Alfaskeid Camping