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Stora Laxa

Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 64.082° N 20.425° W

A rather large volume river fished with ten rods. It splits into three beats, each one with a separate self catering lodge of high quality. Annual catches from the Stora Laxa, meaning “Large Salmon River” range from 200 to 450 salmon the difference usually going hand in hand with high and low water conditions. To explain better, this river usually has an early run of big fish. It filters out in early July with some small grilse runs. During the summer, large schools of salmon pile up in the “Ida” a fabled hotspot at the junction of the Stora Laxa and the glacial river Hvita. In the autumn these fish run the SL to spawn, but only do so when the heavens break water. If they do it while the season is still open, fine catches are taken in the final 7 to 10 days. If the rains do not come until after the season closes, which happens just as often, then the autumn fishing is something of a cold fish. The Stora Laxa is one of Iceland’s better haunts for extra large salmon, with a few of 20 pounds plus caught each season.

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Nearby Stora Laxa

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