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Mt. Vordufell

Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 64.0267° N 20.52° W

About Vordufell

Mt Vordufell (391 m) is a triangularly shaped mountain to the south and east of River Hvita opposite to the historical site and ancient bishopric Skalholt in the Southwestern Lowlands. It belongs to two counties, Biskupstungur and Skeid. Its geological structure is basalt and basaltic hyaloclastite. On top of the mountain is a small lake, Ulfsvatn, which is discharged through the wild gorge Ulfsgil. Attempts were made to release arctic char into the lake in the past without results. Legends have it, that the lake contains some kind of a monster.

The mountain is situated on one of the two most dangerous earthquake zones of the country between Mt Hekla in the east and the county Olfus in the west and has changed much during the repeated earthquake periods.

Sagas of IcelandAnother legend tells us about a young man, who wanted to fly like the birds. He made large wings of bird feathers and walked up the slopes of the mountain and managed to glide across River Hvita and land safely near the historic site and ancient bishopric Skalholt. The bishop told him that humans were not supposed to fly and he should leave that to the birds and make no further such experiments. The view from the top of the mountain on a fine day is excellent and an increasing number of people walk up there to enjoy it.

You can start hiking Vordufell, there is car parking just west from farm Ida for hikers!!!

Mt. Vordufell is is on the Saga trail for South Iceland.

History: Flight in Iceland

Vordufell in Icelandic

Photo Credit: Salvör Gissurardóttir

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Nearby Mt. Vordufell

Nearby Mt. Vordufell

Nearby Mt. Vordufell

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