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Kerid Slag Crater

Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 64.0412808° N 20.887335° W

The slag crater Kerid is the northernmost one of the crater row called Tjarnarholar. It is elliptic in shape, 270 m long, 170 m wide, and 55 m deep. The pond in it is 7-10 m deep, depending on the ground water level of the area.

This crater row along with the cluster of larger craters further east, called Seydisholar, and the lava field are about 6000 years old. In 1990, a concert was held on a raft on the crater pond with the audience sitting in the grassy slopes inside it. This was repeated on large rubber boats in August 2004 and 2005. Until 2018 vas no entries fee for Kerid.

Kerid Slag Crater in Icelandic

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Photo Credit: Bromr – Wikimedia Commons



Nearby Kerid Slag Crater

Nearby Kerid Slag Crater

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