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Ulfljotsvatn Church

Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 64.099734° N 21.050616° W

The Ulfljotsvatn church belongs to the Mosfell benefice of the Arnes deanery. It was built on the same spot as the ancient churches on a headland entering the western part of the artificial Lake Ulfljotsvatn in 1914. The relatively small wooden structure’s proportionally rather large steeple was added in 1924.
Sagas of IcelandThe catholic churches were dedicated to Holy Mary mother of Christ and were annexed to the church in the parliamentary plains, Thingvellir. Now the church is served by the Reverend at Mosfell in the Grimsnes County.

In 1929-33 the Reykjavik Energy Authority purchased the property Ulfljotsvatn to acquire the water rights for the power stations on River Sog. The area of the property is about 1,400 hectares. The company possesses four other abandoned farms in the area for the exploitation of the energy resources of the area.

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Ulfljotsvatn Church is on the saga trail for south Iceland

Ulfljotsvatn Church in Icelandic

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