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Ida Bridge

Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 64.1271° N 20.5564° W

Idu bridge is commonly called a bridge over Hvítá in Árnessýsla which connects the Skeid county and the urban (Hamlet) Laugarás. The bridge is one-sided and taught by the farm of Ida which is on the south bank of the river. The bridge was opened for traffic in 1958 and cost a total of 26 million Ikr.
Before bridge, the farm Ida made a importing part ferrying traveller over Hvita.

Ida is not a river in itself, but the confluence of rivers Stora Laxa and the Hvita. This is a super spot and those who fish it are the envy of Icelandic anglers. Quite often Iceland’s largest salmons are taken from the Ida. In fact Iceland’s second largest salmon taken here weighed 38,5 pounds.

Ferjustadur (Ferry) vid Idu 1946.  Iduhamar

Ida farm after Ida bridge was open for public

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