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Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 64.162225° N 20.299395° W

Natural hot spring
Secret Lagoon natural hot springs are located in the small village called Fludir and are in the Golden Circle area. We have kept it natural and unique for our guests so they can get the true Icelandic feeling. The pools natural surroundings and steam rising into the air gives the place a magical feeling. The warm water holds 38-40 Celsius all year. In the whole area there are several geothermal spots and a little Geysir which erupts every 5 minutes, showing off for the guests relaxing in the hot spring. During winter, the northern lights are often giving a great lightshow above Secret Lagoon. What other way is better than relaxing in warm water to view the spectacular lightshow above?

We offer brand new facilities next to the hot spring with showers, bar and eating area. Please note that we do not serve food daily, but if you are a group who would like to eat before or after the hot spring experience we can arrange that. This would need to be booked in advance.

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Nearby Hot Spring SECRET LAGOON

Nearby Hot Spring SECRET LAGOON

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