Hruni Farm

Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 64.142227° N 20.259397° W

Hruni is a farm, a church site, and a parsonage in the Hrunamanna County. The present church was built in 1865.

Sagas of IcelandThorvaldur Gissurarson (1155-1225), the son of Gissur Hallsson of Haukadalur, lived at Hruni 1182-1225. He was a clever chieftain and a catholic priest. He founded the monastery on the Videy Island in 1224 and died there as a canon the next year. His son Gissur (1208-1268) took over after his father and became the most powerful chieftain in the southern quarter of the country. He was a naturally peaceful man, but circumstances dragged him into the obstinate disputes of the so-called Sturlunga Age. He took the side of Hakon the old, king of Norway, and later became his earl in Iceland (1258-1268). After the Reformation a former priest at Hruni and household manager of the Episcopal seat Skalholt, Jon Hedinsson (†1543), who would not be reformed, defended the last catholic bishop by killing Danish invaders after they had mistreated the bishop and his followers.

Hruni is on Saga trail for South Iceland.

Hruni in Icelandic

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Nearby Hruni Farm

Nearby Hruni Farm

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