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Gullfoss – Geysir

Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 64.3270716° N 20.1199478° W

Gullfoss waterfalls and Geysir area

The Golden Waterfalls in the glacial river Hvita count among the world´s most beautiful waterfalls. One of the many stories connected with the falls tells about the fight early in the 20th century for their existence, when a foreign enterprise managed to contracted the rights to harness them for electrical production. The spouting hot spring Geysir was claimed to be the biggest one in the world. Its fame spread and other spouting hot springs elsewhere were consequently named Geysir or geyser. The old Geysir has been in retirement for decades, but when it was active its eruptions reached the height of at least 80 m.

All around the old Geysir are more spouting hot springs, such as the ever lively Strokkur (the butter Churn), which erupts every 3-5 minutes. Just east of the Geysir Area is one of the many centres of the Forestry Service and its forest, which has been expanding for decades. A Norwegian started the planting and left a considerable fund for the Icelanders to continue his admirable pioneering work. A very nice hotel and restaurant are in the Geysir Area and an outdoor swimming pool.

Many travel agencies and bus companies offer daily tours to the Golden Waterfalls and the Geysir Area.

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Photo Credit: Must See in Iceland

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