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Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 64.1866° N 20.4719° W

Food Experience

In Fridheimar farm we create a pleasant Food Experience where lunch is enjoyed among the tomato plants, a small restaurant is located in the greenhouse surrounded by tomato plants. Visitors enjoy the special experience of entering a greenhouse with its fragrance of tomato plants and sitting down to a feast of the famous Friðheimar tomato soup with fresh baked bread. Some would also like to raise a glass of tomato schnapps!

Visitors can also buy delicious food souvenirs such as Tomato Jam, Cucumber Salsa and Tomato Drink. Everything home made. We recommend that you book a table in advance.

Greenhouse visit and a horse show

We also offer a Greenhouse visit where guests are informed how Icelanders are able to grow vegetables the whole year around with help from the nature.

Horse show is available where the history and gates of the Icelandic horse is introduced in a light and professional way in a nice environment. After the show our guests are welcome to the stable where they can meet the horses, take pictures and talk to the riders.

This is a perfect entertainment for all age groups and specially people that are curios about family farm life in Iceland.

Greenhouse visit and horse show need to be booked in advance.

Nearby FRIDHEIMAR, Reykholt

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Nearby FRIDHEIMAR, Reykholt

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