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Leirubakki Farm

Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 64.00198167° N 19.95158882° W

Leirubakki is an old farm site occupied since soon after the first years of the settlement of the country in the 9th century.

Sagas of Iceland According to old manuscripts, the powerful chieftain and historian Snorri Sturluson owned Leirubakki and exploited the farm for cattle breeding as he needed a great number of calf hides for his scribes to record the Sagas. Around the middle of the 19th century the area was rather densely populated, but gradually the number of farms declined as erosion set in.
Conventional farming continued at Leirubakki until 1990, when new owners started organizing the present tourist accommodations and recreation.

Mt. Hekla has erupted several times since the mid-20th century, most recently in February 2001. A Hekla centre is now in the process of being built at Leirubakki. The opening is planned in June 2002. Leirubakki, south Iceland, is a paradise for nature lovers in summer and winter alike. In the vicinity are endless options for riding, snowmobiling, angling, hiking and many other kinds of outdoor activities. The following is on offer the whole year round.

Guesthouse Leirubakki
Landsveit, 851 Hella

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