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Ranga Burial Site

Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 63.814546° N 20.055181° W

Early 19th century sources mention two burial grounds about 2½ km east of Keldur in the Ranga County. Since then they have been researched and studied by scientists. They are on both sides of the present Middle Route road.


Sagas of IcelandOne of the spots contained the earthly remains of many men and among the artefacts found with them were three spears, a horseshoe, a hoof nail, a snaffle-bit and a bronze decoration. The other grave spot revealed much less, only a carved piece of bone depicting two animals of the dear family nibbling on the leaves of a tree.
Those graves might support the authenticity of the so-called Njal’s Saga. Gunnar of Hlidarendi and his brother Kolskeggur were attacked on the river and killed many of the attackers at the cost of Kolskeggur’s life.

Ranga Bural is on Saga trails South Iceland.

Ranga burial in Icelandic

The Ranga burial site is on the Saga trail South Iceland.

Nearby Ranga Burial Site

Nearby Ranga Burial Site

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