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Stora Hof Farm

Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 63.760° N 20.45° W

About Stora Hof

This estate is located near River Eastern Ranga in District Rangarvellir. The first settler of the area, Ketill Haengur Thorkelsson, claimed the area between the rivers Thjorsa and Markarfljot for himself, and later parted it to other noble settlers.

Sagas of IcelandAccording to the Book of Settlements, the grandson of Mordur Gigja of farm Vellir, Mordur Valgardsson, lived there during the Saga Period. He was unfortunate enough to slander Hoskuldur the chieftain of Hvitanes in the ears of the sons of Njall of farm Bergthorshvoll, who slew him in spite of family connections. This misdeed triggered vendettas and bloodshed, and eventually the burning of farm Bergthorshvoll, where Njal’s family perished.

According to written sources, Stora-Hof was a church site to 1703, served by the priests and reverends of Parsonage Oddi. In 1770 it became necessary to relocate the farm because of erosion. During the period 1904-07 the farm was the seat of the District magistrate Einar Benediktsson (poet and entrepreneur).

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