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Holsa River

Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 63.769344° N 20.500569° W

About Holsa River

This spring fed river was called Djupa (The Deep River) in the past, when it received glacial water from the unheeded river Markarfljot. It is about 18 km long from the ocean to the confluence of the rivers Ytri-Ranga and Thvera.  The western bank of the river is  relatively easily accessible and the catch is sea trout and sea char of all sizes and  salmon as well. This river, like the Thvera and the West Ranga and East Ranga, is totally dependant on a massive smolt releasing program. for salmon fishing. The distance from the capital is about 95 km.

Holasa in Icelandic

Photo Credit: Jonas Ingi Ketilsson

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