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Thingskalar Parlament Site

Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 63.836667° N 20.3° W

About Thingskalar

Thingskalar is an ancient place of the assembly of the district parliament of Rangarvellir, just east of River Ytri-Ranga.

Sagas of IcelandAbout 37 ruins of the dwellings of the members and guests are still visible and have been declared inviolate. Just east of the farmhouses is the mound Thingholl with its ruins, and in front of them stands a large boulder, which probably was used for the executions of sentenced criminals. It sometimes is referred to as the Sacrifice Stone or the Block Stone. During the earthquake period in August 1896, the farmhouses collapsed. The farmer was the only one, who managed to get out of the ruins to run barefooted to the nearest farm to fetch help. It is a miracle that everyone was saved.

Thingskalar is on the Saga trail for South Iceland.

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Nearby Thingskalar Parlament Site

Nearby Thingskalar Parlament Site

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