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Hofsjokull Glacier

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 65.1367° N 18.698167° W

Glacier Hofsjokull East (1069m) is located east of Glacier Vatnajokull, between Valley Vididalur in the Lon Area and Valley Hofsdalur of the Alftafjordur Area. It counts among the smaller glaciers of the country with an area of about 13 square kilometres. Its highest point is furthest north and small glacier snouts creep down the mountain’s southern slopes in the direction of Valley Vididalur.

The Hofsjokull (The Temple Glacier; 1760m) is a round shaped icecap in the centre of the country. It is the third largest one with an area of about 925 km². The landscape under the ice is the great mountain massif of a central volcano with a vast, ice filled caldera. Mt Arnarfell (1143m) is at the southeastern part of Glacier The view from the top of Mt. Arnarfell is excellent on a fine day.

The glacier is relatively steep and therefore travellers have to be extremely careful about crevasses. Many glacier snouts flow down from the main firn and two of its rivers, Thjorsa and Blanda, have been harnessed for electrical production. A great volume of water runs from this glacier on the surface. It has a much smaller namesake just east of the big glacier Vatnajokull.

The old route between Valley Vididalur and the farms of Valley Hofsdalur meandered between the Mts Tungutindar and the main glacier. River Hofsa discharges the glacier.

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