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Domadalur Valley

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 64.0333° N 19.15° W

About Domadalur

Valley Domadalur is located just east of Kringla (Cave Landmannahellir) on Route Domadalsleid (Landmannaleid). It contains a small lake without discharge, which shrinks considerably during summer. During spring and early summer the valley floor is mostly under water, but after the water has receded it is mostly green with vegetation. The name of the valley is probably derived from a judicial assembly in connection with a paternity case between families of County Landsveit and Skaftarhreppur in the past. Just east of the valley is an obsidian lava field, Domadalshraun, on the route towards Lake Frostastadavatn and Landmannalaugar.

Domadalur in Icelandic

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Nearby Domadalur Valley

Nearby Domadalur Valley

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