Hiking Landmannalaugar area

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 63.983° N 19.069194° W
Hiking time:
Difficulty: easy
Length: km
Elevation: m
Highest Point: m

This pearl of the interior is situated in a valley between colourful mountains at the dark edge of the rhyolite lava field Laugahraun. Many hot and cold springs create a bathing warm brook, where people bathe. The banks of the brook are boggy and lush vegetated and people are kindly asked to use the wooden path across the bog to the brook. It is forbidden to use soap in the brook. The surroundings of Landmannalaugar are too colourful and magnificent to describe with words.

Many hiking trails 1-4 hours are in  Landmannalaugar area, is fits fine for day tour to this area.

Hiking Laugavegur Trail

Remember: Hikers only leave their footprints and only take memories back home!

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Hiking Landmannalaugar in Icelandic

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