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Region: Highland
Coordinates: 63.9536295° N 19.1707295° W

About ITA – The Iceland Touring Association (Ferdafelag Islands)

The aim of The Iceland Touring Association (ITA), founded in 1927, is to promote and organize traveling within the country. It brings together enthusiasts for hiking and nature and allows them to experience Iceland within a happy group guided by locals.

The ITA is no tourist agency but offers a variety of tours all the year round: Day trips (hiking, cross country skiing or bus tours), weekend tours (usually Fridays to Sundays) and longer trips over the summer period. The trips vary in difficulty: everybody will find an adequate tour, beginners just as advanced mountaineers.

The very first trip the ITA organized was in 1929, when 31 participants travelled around the country. Nowadays, about 2000 people make use of about 100 tours every year. During the past 80 years, 9000 trips were organized by the ITA, counting more than 200.000 enthusastic participants.

Numerous mountain huts are owned by the ITA where hikers and other travelers can get a sleeping bag accommodation (prebooking necessary). 15 divisions work locally around the country, offer tours and attend huts and shelters all year round. More than 7000 members now benefit from the discounts they get on our tours and accommodation in Iceland aswell as within other Scandinavian alpine or hiking clubs. The ITA’s partners also offer discounts when showing the ITA membership card.

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Iceland Touring Association ITA in Icelandic

For information on road conditions, see or call the Road Administration Information Line (+354) 1777

Address:  Morkin 6, Reykjavik, Iceland
Tel: +354 568 2533

Available accommodation:
ITA Mountain Huts in Landmannalaugar
ITA Hrafntinnusker Mountain Hut
ITA Mountain Huts at Lake Alftavatn
ITA Mountain Huts Skagafjordsskali Langidalur Thorsmork
ITA Mountain Hut – Baldvinsskali
ITA Hvanngil Hut
ITA Thjofadalir hut, Kjolur
ITA Thverbrekknamuli hut, Kjolur
ITA Hvitarnes hut, Kjolur
ITA Hagavatn hut, Jarlhettur Langjokull
ITA Nordurfjordur hut
ITA Mounatin Hut Hloduvellir
ITA Mountain Huts Nyidalur / Jokuldalur
ITA Hornbjarg Hut, Hornstrandir

Mountain Huts in Iceland

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